Steven Seagal has expressed the desire to invest in the Russian IT-company

American actor Steven Seagal has made a proposal to invest in the Russian IT-company “Galaxy”, the newspaper “Vedomosti” said the representative of the artist Anar, Raymond.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, on Tuesday, November 22, has already met with the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the company Yan Abramov.

Seagal, according to Ramonda, showed interest in the “Galaxy” due to a “serious experience of the company and the state support of Russian IT developers”. As said the representative of the actor, but Seagal will consider the Board of Directors of “Galaxy”.

“Vedomosti” noted that the proposal of the American actor of the company confirmed Abramov, a businessman also known as the husband of Russian singer Alsou. What share of the deal involved and what is its amount, the sources did not specify. According to Abramov, at the moment, “Galaxy” not “needs investment”. “But the suggestion of Segal [the company] not to consider,” said he, “Vedomosti”.

In early November, Russian President Vladimir Putin has granted Russian citizenship Segal.

As later stated by the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, to obtain citizenship was the desire of the Segal. “It really strongly and quite a long time been approached with a request to grant him citizenship,” — said Peskov.

On Tuesday, November 22, became aware of the fact that Seagal arrived in Moscow, reported TASS with reference to Rayband. According to the representative of the artist in the Russian capital, the actor was still November 19. Program Seagal stay in Moscow was not disclosed.