More than 80 aftershocks the aftershock occurred at Fukushima after the earthquake

TOKYO, November 23 — RIA Novosti, Xenia Naka. In the area of Fukushima Prefecture after a strong earthquake of 7.4 magnitude, which occurred here on Tuesday, recorded 82 aftershock jolt, according to broadcaster NHK.

The strongest of these was the earthquake of a magnitude of 5.7. It happened almost 18 hours after the primary. Meteorologists warn that aftershock tremors, including strong will happen in this area during the week.

In 5.59 (23.59 GMT Monday) in the Pacific ocean in the Fukushima Prefecture, there was a strong earthquake of magnitude 7.4 points. The maximum power of the shocks was 5 at the seven-point Japanese scale. The earthquake was the tsunami wave, the maximum height of which amounted to 1.4 meters. The threat of tsunami was canceled meteorological control only in the middle of the day. Meteorologists expect a repetition of the strong aftershock jolts during the week. According to recent reports, the earthquake injured 15 people.

In March 2011, North East Japan was hit by a powerful earthquake called the Great East Japan earthquake. Its consequence was the giant tsunami wave, whose height reached 15 metres. The victims of the disaster were about 20 thousand people. The wave height of which exceeded forecasts of 10 times, flooded the nuclear power plant “Fukushima-1” that has led to a halt of the cooling system for its reactors.

As a result of the accident and core meltdown of a nuclear power plant. A day after the termination of cooling the reactors at units began to be hydrogen explosions, which had violated their integrity. This resulted in multiple emission of radiation in sea water and atmosphere. Currently, in settlements near the station is still prohibited accommodation.