Media: Thai police admitted that the country may be supporters of ISIS

BANGKOK, November 23 – RIA Novosti. The Thai police for the first time acknowledged that the southern provinces can be supporters of the banned in Russia and several other countries of the terrorist group “Islamic state”, reports on Wednesday, the online version of the newspaper Bangkok Post.

The police received information from the Australian intelligence services, according to which some citizens of Thailand from the border with Malaysia provinces “extreme South” of the country make regular trips to Syria and give ISIS the material means, said Wednesday the Deputy chief of the national police of Thailand, General Sivar Runebreaker, quoted by the newspaper.

“The Central Bureau of investigation, national police and special security police Board is currently checking this information and a few days will report to the government test results”, — said the General.

About the relations with the IG and even participation in military action in Syria for the Islamic state, some citizens of neighbouring countries – Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines – has long been known. However, Thai intelligence while there was no information about any citizen of Thailand who have links with ISIS, the newspaper said.

In the southern provinces of Thailand, near the borders with Malaysia – Nevsehir, Yala, Pattani and Songkhla – the majority of the population are ethnic Malay Muslims, while the majority of the population of the remaining 73 provinces of the country practice Buddhism.

In Nevsehir, Pattani and Yala since 2004 on a regime of emergency in connection with the activity of the separatist Islamic militant groups, should be recreated on the territory of the region that existed here until the beginning of XX century, the semi-independent Sultanate of Pattani. During the years of conflict between militants and the security forces of Thailand on the “extreme South” were killed in terrorist attacks and shootings of more than 6.5 thousand people, mostly civilians.

Until now the police authorities of Thailand completely denied the possible link between militant separatists in the South and international terrorism, the newspaper said.