The state Department warned US citizens about the threat of terrorist attacks in Europe

The U.S. state Department warned Americans about the increased risk of terrorist attacks in Europe. About it the state Department says on its website.

The Department asks U.S. citizens to be cautious during a visit to European festivals, events and shopping during the upcoming holidays. Warning for travellers is valid till 20 Feb 2017.

According to the state Department, the threat comes from banned terrorist organizations ISIS (Islamic state), “al-Qaeda” and its allies, who are planning to commit a terrorist attack. Terrorists can use different tactics with the use of conventional and unconventional weapons, said the Minister.

The state Department advises while traveling to European countries to check the websites of the U.S. Embassy in Europe to learn about security measures, read the local media, to be ready for inspection and to be in touch with their relatives.

In connection with committed terrorist attacks in Belgium, France, Germany, France and Turkey, U.S. citizens “should exercise vigilance when visiting the major centennial events, cultural attractions, restaurants, hotels, places of worship, and also during the use of public transport,” he said in the state Department. The state Department urges try to stay away from large crowds and follow people that are close.

“The European authorities continue to conduct raids and to prevent terrorist attacks. We continue to work closely with our allies in Europe against the threat of international terrorism,” said the state Department.

According to the national coordinator of counter-terrorism and security in the Netherlands dick Sofa in Europe are 60-80 operatives of the ISIS, who have been preparing for terrorist attacks. Militants “Islamic state” to receive reports in which they urged not to come to Syria and Iraq to prepare attacks in Europe. The threat of terrorist attacks in the UK. The Times reported on 6 October about the threat of attacks on Britain from “al-Qaeda”.