Bolivia will export to Ecuador products from Coca

MEXICO city, 22 Nov — RIA Novosti. The foreign Ministers of Bolivia and Ecuador signed an agreement on the supply of Bolivian products from Coca leaves.

“This tool will allow Bolivians to export under the Single Convention on narcotic drugs of 1961 and the national laws of Ecuador and Bolivia our sacred Coca leaf”, — quotes Agency the ABI statement after signing the document, the foreign Minister of Bolivia David’s Cakewalk.

According to him, Ecuador became the first country with which Bolivia signed a similar agreement. “In Ecuador and Bolivia there are companies that are far advanced (in the processing of Coca leaf), and what we need, is such a tool that Bolivia could export this product, this is only the beginning,” said Choquehuanca.

In turn, the foreign Minister of Ecuador, Guillaume long said that the new agreement, among other things, will help to diversify trade and economic relations between the two countries. “It’s a sign of trust, I think, is a powerful signal to the rest of the world that the Coca leaf is a sacred leaf, not demonize him, as it was many times,” said long.

Bolivia is one of the largest suppliers of cocaine on the black market along with Peru and Colombia. The authorities are fighting illegal drug trafficking, but President Evo Morales stands with all first year protects Coca as a plant. He believes that Coca leaves themselves are not drugs and are part of the culture of the Andes.

In the summer of 2013, the government announced the launch of industrial production of medical preparations from the leaves of Coca after receiving permission from President Morales. We are talking about approximately 75 thousand tons of Coca leaves from which will be manufactured every year various medical tinctures. The company production is located in the Department of La Paz.