The head of the FIS urged WADA to give evidence on doping in Russia

MOSCOW, 20 Nov — R-Sport. The head of the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) Richard McLaren needs to provide the real facts and name the names involved in the Russian doping scandal since the history of manipulation with doping tests during the Olympic games of 2014 in Sochi is similar to a Hollywood script, said the head of the International Federation of ski sports (FIS) and member of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Jean-Franco Kasper.

McLaren in July, Toronto announced the results of the investigation of violations of anti-doping rules at the winter Games in 2014, accusing Russia of creating the state-supported system of doping. In October, WADA said that McLaren plans to publish the second part of the report in early December 2016.

“I want to see real evidence. We are unable to say with certainty this is true or not. He (McClaren) should provide evidence and name names, — quotes the words of Casper the associated Press. — You know all those stories with holes in the wall in Sochi sound for me like a Hollywood script. Is the Russian special services are so stupid that they need to drill a hole in the wall? Yes, stop”.

He also spoke out against the removal of all the athletes of any country from participation in the Olympic games.

“WADA was trying to do it with Russia in Rio de Janeiro, but the IOC said, “No, it’s none of your business”. It should be a neutral institution, and it should not be politicized… you can’t be Prosecutor and judge at the same time. This is a basic principle of justice,” said Casper.

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