RT recorded informal conversation between the leaders of the WADA about Russia

MOSCOW, 20 Nov — RIA Novosti. Director General of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA), Olivier Niggli in an informal conversation with Briton Craig reedy, who on Sunday was re-elected as head of WADA, said that the organization do not yearn for the restoration of the membership of RUSADA, reports RT.

The independent Commission of WADA in November 2015 has accused Russia of violating the anti-doping rules. Was suspended the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, and also made a decision on the compliance of RUSADA of the WADA code. Earlier on Sunday, the head of the Independent public anti-doping Commission (PLA) OKR Vitaly Smirnov told “R-Sport” that reedy is going to do everything to restore membership in RUSADA WADA.

“I must say that we are working with Russia, but we must not create the impression, as if we were in a hurry. You have to be patient. We want them back, but not on any terms. Be careful,” says reedy President of WADA

[It’s good to say we’re working with Russia, but don’t give the impression that we’re rushing. I think be patient and… we want them to get back, but not under any condition. Just be careful].

Reedy has said, if he had the conversation with Smirnov to be “encouraging”.

“Yes, but not too much,” said Niggli — We will not relocate to Russia has returned (WADA). They can return if they do the right thing”.

[Yeah, but not too much. We are not desperate for them to come back. They can come back if they do the right thing].

In comments to NTV Smirnov said that the conversation with the WADA was in a positive way. According to him, reedy said “the movement toward understanding.”

The head of the PLA also noted that rejects every suspicion that Russia has ever existed to support doping by the state and recalled that until 2002, neither the Soviet nor the Russian sports of such violations recorded did not exist.

At the same time there has “rattled” the scandals associated with the doping, he said.

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