In Volgograd, parents are asked to dismiss the Vice-mayor for insulting young dancers

SOCHI, November 18 – RIA Novosti, Genevieve ed. Parents of young dancers gather online signatures for a petition about dismissal of the Vice-mayor of Volgograd, calling them “children of same-sex beings, torque priests”.

As told RIA Novosti Deputy head for educational work of the sports school №22 “the Dream” Irina Bogdanova, the newly appointed Vice-the mayor of Volgograd on culture and social policy Anatoliy Omelchenko has arrived to school on November 10 in the framework of the “study visit”. During the meeting, the teachers invited guest at the all-Russian tournament on November 12-13 in dance sport “Big Volga”.

“He categorically said, he hates the sport and doesn’t consider his sport, and that never in my life not going to this tournament that in our sport there is no male and female,” — said Bogdanov. At this point in the study were the school management, teachers and the parents of several pupils. They decided to defend the honor of athletes can. In the Internet appeared the petition “to Dismiss the Vice-mayor of Volgograd for insulting athletes can”, which will be sent to the administration of Volgograd.

“In the process of communication with teachers, school administration, he allowed himself a series of sharp and insulting statements to the address of the pupils of the school, calling them “gay creatures of torque priests”, compared the training and ballroom dance classes with the activities of a homosexual nature… Omelchenko did not hesitate in expressions and proposed sports school to search the premises on a commercial basis for such activities and promised that the school will be the first in Volgograd, which he closed,” reads the petition, which was made by the mother of one of the pupils of Elena Berdnikova.

It is noted that DYUSSH “Dream” is in the top 10 Russia by the number of achievements of athletes in competitions in sport-ballroom dances in Russia and abroad.

“If you follow the logic Omelchenko, then the same characteristics can be “fit” any sport, from martial arts, where gay athletes are grabbing each other for all possible places to swim, where they played almost without clothes. We ask all athletes, fans, indifferent to the development of youth sports in Russia of people to sign our petition and dismiss the mayor for insulting athletes!” — drawn Berdnikova in the petition.

As reported by RIA representative of the city administration, “while complaints from parents did not arrive”. “Check at the request of the Deputy of the state Duma is in fact what happened, since the media information appears in a distorted form after conversations with journalists Omelchenko”, — said the Agency interlocutor.