In Iraq in an explosion at wedding party killed more than 20 people

In Iraq in an explosion at wedding party killed 21 people near the Iraqi city of Fallujah, according to the publication Almada press, citing a local administration.

Another 42 people were injured, said the head of administration of the settlement of Amir. According to him, all the victims were taken to the hospital. Several people are in critical condition.

During the wedding ceremony, the suicide bomber blew up a car bomb, reports Bi-bi-si.

In July of this year in a commercial district of Baghdad, which is mostly inhabited by Shiite Muslims exploded a car bomb, Al Arabiya reported, citing officials. Driving the car was a suicide bomber. As a result of explosion in several buildings nearby started a fire. Another explosion almost at the same time thundered in another Shiite district of the Iraqi capital. The explosions injured about 200 people. Later, Reuters, citing a statement of the Ministry of health of Iraq said that the number of victims has risen to 250 people.

It was reported that the responsibility for a double attack claimed by banned terrorist group “Islamic state”. The explosions occurred on the background of the military successes of the Iraqi army, which had previously managed to take the city of Fallujah, and to move towards Mosul.