Us space truck Cygnus leaves ISS next week

WASHINGTON, 17 Dec – RIA Novosti. U.S. space cargo ship Cygnus leaves International space station (ISS) on November 21, said NASA on Thursday.

The truck arrived on the ISS in October, bringing food, basic necessities and materials for scientific experiments. Since that time, the ship is off the American module “unity” (Unity, Unity).

Monday, 21 November, experts from the Earth with the support of members of the ISS crew will carry out the undocking of the ship. However, his mission does not complete, Cygnus will remain in orbit until November 27, when switched on its engines, it will enter the Earth’s atmosphere where it will burn up over the Pacific ocean.

Five hours after the ship left the station on Board starts artificial “fire” experiment Saffire–II to study the behavior of open flames in the space. The sensors, which are equipped with a cargo ship, will transmit to Earth information about what is happening in it – the flame height, level of oxygen. NASA researchers hope that the information obtained will be used in the future, including the choice of materials when creating a manned spacecraft.

In addition to the fire on Board November 25, Cygnus will spend the start-up of four cube-Sats LEMUR. Small satellites are designed to locate ships and weather observations.

Truck Cygnus belongs to the company Orbital ATK conducting cargo flights to the ISS under contract with NASA. Earlier it was reported that the next Cygnus flight to the ISS will take place in spring 2017