The reserves of the Russian Federation in the bonds of the United States in September fell by $ 11 billion

WASHINGTON, 17 Dec — RIA Novosti. The Russian Federation of September of the current year reduced the reserves in Treasury securities U.S. 11 billion to $ 76,5 billion dollars in annual expression the indicator has decreased by 12.6 billion dollars, according to the website of the Ministry of Finance of the United States.

Among the major holders of us government bonds Russia in two months dropped to 18th place in August, she conceded to the Republic of Korea, which in July was below RF one line. Korea then, on the contrary, increased its investments in obligations of the U.S. government 4.3 billion – up of 90.2 billion dollars. In September, however, reduced the asset to $ 1.7 billion. However, it remained at the 16th place. Overtook Russia in September for these attachments Canada — she’s 84.9 billion dollars in Treasury securities of the United States.

Saudi Arabia, which a month earlier had been the holder of the bonds at 93 billion dollars, reduced the amount to $ 3.6 billion. In annual terms, compared with September 2015, this amount has decreased even more — by 22.6 billion dollars (112,3 billion dollars).

The largest holder of securities of the U.S. government was and still is China: its share for the month decreased by 28 billion to $ 1,157 trillion dollars, and for the year to 101 billion dollars. In the second place, as usual, Japan, which has reduced the asset to $ 7.6 billion for the year to 40.7 billion dollars, Japan is now the holder of the bonds to 1.136 trillion dollars.