Sect of Stavisky

In certain circles, wrist watches have long ceased to be an instrument for measuring time, and began to work as marking. Decent “distinction” should be worth today not less than 5 thousand dollars is the minimum allowable threshold for luxury watches, according to experts.

By the way, rumor has it that, offhand, the price should equal the amount of the monthly salary of the owner. Thus, another member of the privileged circle just look on the wrist of the interlocutor, to determine – in front of him “your” or “rogue of the ordinary.” So, judging by the statements of many Ukrainian officials, they are downright afraid of being branded a rogue, and that gain dozens of expensive watches. Their official salary is often not possible to have similar accessories even in single copies.

According to the chosen approach to the rankings, evaluate the total number of declared wristwatch (in pieces, excluding the cost of chronographs). We will remind, since, according to the rules of the e-Declaration, politicians and bureaucrats need to show in their reporting not only personal property but also deposits of money and hours from your family members, we take into account the overall “family” of accumulation. In our rankings involves politicians of the highest echelon members of Parliament, Ministers and the President.

By the way, if a quick “family” the ex-Minister of energy and coal industry Eduard Stavytskyi to this day continued to lead the Agency, he would definitely fall into this rating: recall that during a search in March 2014 the Prosecutor General’s office found in the house and the office once a high-ranking member “of the family of Yanukovych,” 42 kilograms of gold, $4.8 million in cash, the bags of gems like diamonds and expensive… 16 hours.

So, the new dozen.

10th place: Volodymyr Groysman (12 pieces)

The Prime Minister declared 12 watches. Ulysse Nardin (1 unit); Audemars Piguet (1 unit); Rolex (2 units); Parmigiani (1 unit); Girard-Perregaux (2 units); Breguet (2 units). Women’s watch: Ulysse Nardin (2 units); Boucheron (1 unit).

As we know, Volodymyr Groysman recently announced a radical increase in the minimum wage. And, if this increase takes place, the employee, work hard for “minimal” will also be able to afford at least one watch, as the Prime Minister! For 5-20 years (depending on specific grade), if the clock to postpone the salary, do not eat, drink and sleep on the street. With no clothes on.

9th place: Maxim Efimov (13 pieces)

The first Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on industrial policy and entrepreneurship, the Deputy from “BPP” – 13 watches in the Declaration. Martin Braun (1 unit); Bovet (3 units); Ulysse Nardin (1 unit); IWC (1 unit); Harry Winston (2 units); Cvstos (1 unit); Graham (1 unit); A. Lange & Sohne (1 unit); DeLaneau (1 unit); Chopard (1 unit).

At the time elected to Parliament, Efimov-General Director OJSC “Energomashspetsstal” (now the site of this company he is President), this plant belongs to the Russian state Corporation “Rosatom”, which, in turn, threaten international sanctions for involvement in projects to build power plants in the occupied Crimea. If sanctions did impose, the chances Efimova to a higher place in our ranking for next year will be called into question. What is a cause of deep concern. Not only our, but also the Ukrainian authorities, which, given these risks, is in no hurry to impose sanctions against “Rosatom”.

8th place: Ivan Fursin (14 pieces)

Member of the parliamentary group “people’s Will” has declared 14 of the wristwatch. Cartier (1 unit); Rubbens Barrichello Audemars Pigeut (1 unit); Vacheron Constantin Royal Eagle (1 unit); Pierre Kunz PKA 016 (1 unit); Breguet (2 units); Breitling for Bentley (1 unit); Maurice Lacrox Gold 18k (1 unit); Mens Blancpain Watch 1735 IB (1 unit); Panerai Luminor Marina (1 unit); Poger Dubuis Easy Diver (1 unit); Frank Muller Conquistador Sport GPG (1 unit); Patek Philippe (1 unit); Girard Perregaux Vintage Chronographe (1 unit).

The Fursin is a versatile personality, he and the banker and shareholder of Odessa film Studio and co-owner of the notorious RosUkrEnergo. To keep track of all these multiple businesses is difficult, perhaps what is needed, and several chronometers. So as not to repeat the fate of the partner in “RosUkrEnergo” Dmitry Firtash who missed the point – and now forced to hide in Austria.

7th place: Stepan Ivakhiv (15 pieces)

The Deputy head of the parliamentary group “people’s Will” has declared 15 watches. Rolex (3 units), Frank Muller (1 unit); Ulysse Nardin (1 unit); Patek Philippe (1 unit); Audemars Piguet (1 unit); Parmigiani (1 unit); Patek Philippe Geneve (1 unit); Vacheron Constantin Geneve (1 unit); Women’s watch: Audemars Piguet (1 unit); Harry Winston (1 unit); Ulysse Nardin (1 unit); Jaeger Lecoultre (1 unit); Ulysse Nardin (1 unit).

Frontman FPG “continuum”, who took over the running of a huge business after the tragic death of a business partner Ihor Yeremeyev, fatally falling from his horse, and also enjoys horse riding. How many horses in the stable Ivahiva, we don’t know – but it is possible that under each animal relies on his chronometer.

6th place: Sergey Taruta (16 pieces)

MP was the owner of a pricey 16 hours. He had in stock Chopard watches, (2 units); Blancpain (3 units); Breguet (1 unit); Vacheron Constantin (1 unit); TagHeuer (1 unit); Parmigiani Fleurier (1 unit) brands, seven hours is not named. Part hours, according to the Declaration, belongs to the daughter.

Repeated involved in our previous rankings, this time no problem to explain the feelings that pushed him to the gathering this collection. Because Taruta is a mechanical engineer by training, he is supposed to love all accuracy and punctuality. Without hours is not enough.

5th place: Alexander Urbansky (17 pieces)

The MP from the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko pointed out that owns 17 wristwatch: Jaeger-LeCoultre (2 units); Chopard (1 unit); Breguet (1 unit); Girard-Perregaux (2 unit); Gucci (1 unit; Patek Philippe (1 unit); Audemars Piguet (1 unit). Female: Girard-Perregaux (1 unit); rolex (1 unit); Cartier (1 unit); Ulysse Nardin (1 unit); Patek Philippe (2 units); Breguet (1 unit); Alain Silberstein (1 unit).

One of the most surprising members of our TOP 10. The experience of past ratings, on the honorable fifth place we waited for someone with a scandalous reputation. And Urban – only former commercial Director of “Sudoremontno enterprise “Unicodechars”.

4th place: Nestor Shufrich (18 pieces)

MP from “Opposition bloc”, member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on budget has declared one Rolex, and a collection of 17 hours. What kind of watch, not the MP pointed out.

By the way, Shufrich, which traditionally takes leading positions in all of our rankings (1st place in the list of collectors of art objects, 2nd place among lovers of Antiques and 2nd place for cash reserves), there are additional “prize” for stealth. He is the only member-based not decode the contents of the collection hours, and just as well he didn’t call either one of 287 of the paintings mentioned in his Declaration.

3rd place: Dmitry Dobkin (19 pieces)

MP from “opposition bloc” declared 19 from: Richard Mille (1 unit); Jaeger-LeCoultre (3 units); Roger Dubuis (1 unit); Rolex (5 units); Hublot (1 unit); Patek Philippe (1 unit); Vacheron Constantin (1 unit); Romain Jerome (1 unit); Breguet (1 unit), Pierre Kunz (1 unit); Harry Winston (1 unit); Jaquet Droz (1 unit); Bovet (1 unit).

After yesterday Dmitry Dobkin directly during the meeting of Parliament had booked a tour for 135 thousand Euro, his “bronze” rating time deposits is not surprising. Moreover, given the strange behaviour of MP periodically shows directly in the session hall of the Parliament, perhaps, it is vital for all those hours: in order not to get lost. In time.

2nd place: Vitaly Homutynnik (21 pieces)

The head of Deputy group “Revival” has assembled a collection of 21 watches. The MP declared: Breguet (3 units); Franck Muller (2 units); Audemars Piguet (3 units); A. Lange & Sohne (1 unit); F. P. Journe (1 piece); Richard Mille (1 unit); Ulysse Nardin (1 unit). Ladies wrist watch brands Breguet (1 unit); Bovett (1 unit); Harry Winstont (1 unit); Chopard (3 units); Hublot (1 unit) and a couple of hours not specified brand.

The presence of Homutynnik in all our ratings Shufrych has already become a good tradition. We will not change and tradition in commenting its regular resources: we believe that, if you sell all of the watches of the leader of “Revival”, then the money can be easily revive in Ukraine watchmaking industry. Or even two.

1st place: Igor Kotvitsky (28 pieces)

MP from the faction “people’s front”, member of the Committee on legislative support of law enforcement declared 28 people ‘ wrist watches: Rolex (4 units); Bovet (4 units); R. Mille (2 units); Breguet (5 units); IWC (1 unit); Ulysse Nardin (1 unit); Jaeger-LeCoultre (1 unit); Zenith (2 units); Harry Winston (1 unit); A. Lange & Sohne (2 units); F. P. Journe (4 units); Patek Philippe (1 unit).

To be honest, we were waiting for the once rich (according to the declarations of the old model) of a member of Parliament and a business partner of the head of the interior Ministry Arsen Avakov in our rankings for a long time. And he didn’t disappoint – sure “gold”!


Should we treat the collection of expensive watches as an attempt by officials to put together another capital question. Experts do not count the hours so profitable accumulation. Employee “Lissa”, which deals with buying expensive watches throughout Ukraine, Denis, told UNIAN that expensive only really rare collector’s watch. According to him, such instances are rare, and any others, albeit a very expensive watch, lose much of their prices immediately after the first sale in the boutique.

According to the employee of the Kiev Lombard Swiss watches “Dial” Vyacheslav, the cost of hours that are already used (albeit in excellent condition), the resale will be no more than 70-80% of the original price. Moreover, even if the watch is brand new, and sealed in the box – when re-selling the price will still be 20-25% lower. “Watch, as cars usually depreciate. Once you bought new, the price immediately falls. So you should not rely on income from their resale”, – says Vyacheslav.

In General, experts note that the Ukrainian market of luxury watches is going through troubled times. Expensive accessories buy today only foreign tourists and employees of international campaigns, the Ukrainians can’t afford Rolex and Patek Philippe. However, servants of Ukrainians, according to their declarations, they can. However, it looks like this passion for watch collecting for the love of the Papuans to the many bright trinkets.

Irina Shevchenko