Govorukhin called “disgusting” the word “Russian”

The word “Russian”, “Russians” “purely linguistically is really bad,” said the head of the Duma Committee on culture, film Director Stanislav Govorukhin, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“We for many centuries was the Russian people. And now we Russian people after the fact. We were the life of the Russian people,” — said Govorukhin (quoted by “Interfax”), he commented on the initiative on the introduction of the law on the Russian nation.

Govorukhin has noticed that in Soviet times, citizens called themselves the Soviet people, using appropriate adjective. “Now there is no Soviet government. Who are we? I don’t understand,” said the Director.

To create a law “On the Russian nation and the management of ethnic relations” offered head of the Department of the Russian Academy of national economy and public administration Vyacheslav Mikhailov. In his opinion, it is necessary to create a bill that would incorporate all the new rules of international relations. The idea was supported by President of Russia Vladimir Putin and said that such a law contributes to the creation of the strategy for the development of national relations in Russia.

Commissioner for human rights under the President of Russia
Tatiana Moskalkova proposed to make the law on the “Russian nation” to the referendum. She added that to associate the idea of the Russian nation with one people should not be, because it might offend other peoples and nationalities in Russia.