Searches of Pereslavl mayor associated with the embezzlement of 1 billion rubles RUSNANO

The office of the company “Rosnano”

The investigative Committee of Russia has explained the searches, the mayor of Pereslavl-Zalessky criminal case about the embezzlement of 1 billion rubles, of which RUSNANO has allocated company “Ntpharma” on construction of a pharmaceutical plant. About this informed the press-Secretary of the TFR Svetlana Petrenko, said in a press release on the Agency’s website.

According to Petrenko, the founder and General Director of “Ntpharma” Rustam Ataullakhanov and Eugene sultans are suspected of embezzlement of entrusted property (part 4 of article 160 of the criminal code), and the mayor of Pereslavl-Zalessky Denis Koshurnikov — in excess of powers of office with causing of heavy consequences (the item”in” part 3 St. 286 criminal code).

Earlier the three of them was prosecuted.

In the TFR said that since 2010 “Rosnano” invested in “Ntpharma” more than 1 billion rubles for the construction in district of Pereslavl pharmaceutical production of vaccines and therapeutic biologics. The leaders of the “Ntpharma” promised to complete construction by 2012, but the deadline was repeatedly postponed and frustrated.

The investigative Committee together with Guebipk of the MIA of Russia and the economic security Service of FSB have found that actually works on project implementation have not been performed for many years, as highlighted in “Rosnano” the money was spent. In the end, the plant was never built.

According to investigators, blood coagulation and sultans in 2011 acquired belonging to the mayor Koshurnikovo OOO “Protekt” land to create visibility of the project. At the time of the transaction Koshurnikov was the head of the Pereslavl district. As stressed in the TFR, the site is located within the National Park “Pleshcheevo lake” and the construction in its territory subject to the written approval of the Ministry. However, Koshurnikov alone gave the business the authorization.

Currently, places of residence and works of suspects searches are carried out.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin had no information about the investigation in “Rosnano” and learned about it from mass media, reports “RIA Novosti”.

The Investigative Committee on the question of whether someone from employees of “RUSNANO” suspect on charges of embezzlement, RBC said that currently the Agency can only talk about mentioned in the press release, the defendants – Koshurnikova, blood coagulation and Sultanova.

Wednesday, November 16, representatives of law enforcement agencies came to the office “Rosnano”. In most companies, this arrival was associated with a questions to one of the managers in connection with the delay of construction of the pharmaceutical complex “Ntpharma”. In “Rosnano” has explained that the delay was caused by difficulties with financing from partners. After “RUSNANO” has found a new investor, the project resumed. However, the construction of the center completed with a substantial gap, acknowledged in the company. The name of the Manager, to whom any questions from law enforcement, in a statement the company was not called.

The Director of “RUSNANO” for communications Alexey Firsov, in turn, said that the head of state Corporation Anatoly Chubais in the course of the investigation and is in the workplace. “Yes, he was aware of these actions. We were talking, he is quiet, we have no serious problems in the framework of the project”, — he said (quoted by “Interfax”).

The searches Wednesday were also held in the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky, the home of mayor Dmitry Koshurnikova, as well as enterprises “Slavros” and OOO “NPO Protect”, which before election as the mayor led Koshurnikov.