FSO will conduct exercises on suppression of attempts to enter the territory of the Kremlin

On the territory of the Moscow Kremlin

The staff of the Federal guard service (FSO) will conduct routine trainings on “suppression of attempts of penetration on territory of the Kremlin,” reports “Interfax” with reference to the press-center office.

“November 17, 2016 in the Moscow Kremlin and the adjacent territory will take place the next stage the planned special tactical exercises of the units of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation”, — quotes Agency the message of the representatives of the FSO.

According to security officials, in connection with these activities after 16:00 GMT for visitors will be closed Red square and Alexandrovsky garden. Also “separate opening” will be held on Borovitskaya square and Manezhnaya street.

As noted by the staff of the FSO, in the framework of the exercise in addition to the “suppression of attempts of illegal penetration into the territory of the Kremlin and of Commission of illegal actions”, they will be worked out “suppression of extremist activities”, “the fight against unauthorised flights of unmanned aerial vehicles over the protected objects,” as well as “the detection and elimination of the means of subversive and terrorist activities” and “fire safety”.

According to the report, are “short-term” restrictions in connection with the exercise of the security forces will also be introduced after 22:00 GMT. They will affect traffic on the Borovitsky area, the Big Stone bridge, the turn from the Kremlin quay towards the Borovitsky area and at departure from street Znamenka on the Borovitsky area.

The exercises will be held with the participation of the interior Ministry, the Federal service of national guard troops of Russia and the Ministry for civil defence, emergencies and elimination of consequences of natural disasters reported in the FSO.