A group of swimmers first crossed the Dead sea

The group of 28 athletes and eco-activists crossed the Dead sea, reports Reuters. The area between Jordan and Israel with a length of 15 kilometers swimmers overcame seven hours.

So swim wanted to draw attention to the problem of desiccation of the unique water reservoir, the surface of which over the last 30 years has decreased by almost a third. Activists believe that salt lake can dry out completely, if local authorities continue to divert water from the Jordan river is the only river flowing into the Dead sea.

According to the organizers, this is the first such swim in history. After the swim the participants admitted that the test proved extremely difficult.

“I must say, he did not expect such a difficult race. It was a very, very tough, tough conditions. Salt. I mean constant attempts to remove salt from the mask and friction in itself”, — said one of the swimmers (quoted by bi-Bi-si).

Dead sea one of the saltiest water on the planet. The salt content in it is 300-310%.