The number of publicly funded theatres in Moscow will not change

MOSCOW, 15 Nov – RIA Novosti. The number of theaters that exist in the budget funding will be reduced in the next two years, said the head of Department of theatres and concert organizations of the Department of culture of Moscow Natalia Draznikova.

Earlier, Deputy Moscow mayor for social Affairs Leonid Pechatnikov in an interview with “MK” announced plans to reform the system of financing the capital’s theaters. It is assumed that part of the repertory theaters remain, and others will be “open platforms” where the Manager is looking for a creative team for a specific project.

“The Department of culture there’s some kind of the target the required number of theatres, all theatres which are financed out of the budget, they will exist in 2017 and in 2018,” said Draznikova on Tuesday at a roundtable on theatrical reform.

She noted that the question of the mechanism of this funding is now being discussed with the heads of the Moscow theatres.