The former mayor of new York refused to consider Russia a military competitor of the United States

Former new York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, whose candidature was earlier named among the contenders for post of next Secretary of state, said that the reluctance of the Obama administration to threaten to use military force makes Russia stronger, said FoxNews.

“Russia thinks that it is a military competitor [USA], but it is not. It is our reluctance when [President] Obama even threaten to use military force makes it so powerful,” said Giuliani at an event in Washington held by the newspaper the Wall Street Journal.

Giuliani said that the destruction of ISIS militants (banned terrorist groups) will be a priority of the foreign policy trump, but the elected President did not disclose.

That the candidacy of the former mayor of new York is considered as one of the probable candidates for the post of Secretary of state, reported the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, citing sources. The second real candidate for the post of Secretary of state publication called John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN.

Giuliani said that in his view, Bolton “would be a good choice”, if prescribed by Secretary of state, reports FoxNews.

Rudolph Giuliani from January 1994 to December 2001 he held the post of mayor of new York, and before that was assistant U.S. attorney (1981-1983) and the Federal attorney for the southern district of the city of new York (1983-1994). As noted by FoxNews, candidate Giuliani was the “unexpected” choice because of his lack of experience regarding foreign policy.