The project of reconstruction of courtyards of the Mikhailovsky Palace was sent back for revision

St. PETERSBURG, Nov 14 – RIA Novosti. Council for preservation of cultural heritage under the government of St. Petersburg has postponed consideration of the project of reconstruction of the courtyards of the Mikhailovsky Palace before making adjustments to the project, the press service of the Smolny.

“Discussing the project, Council members noted that in the illustrated embodiment, during the erection of beams possible significant impact of structures on the historic walls of the building. It was decided to recommend the designer to leave the design solution from the creation of intermediate floors and minimal design solutions to ensure the availability of the Museum for people with limited mobility, as well as to ensure that the glass roof of the courtyard. Item deferred until the adjustment of the project”, — stated in the message.

The reconstruction project has existed since 2002, he passed the stage expert and public review, was approved by the Council of Saint-Petersburg for the protection of cultural heritage in 2002. From the Mikhailovsky Palace in prepared for temporary and later permanent location of the premises of the Mikhailovsky (engineers’) castle will be moved to the Research library of the Museum which will be opened immediately after the move. Minor travel funds will be made inside the Mikhailovsky Palace. Work to implement the first phase of the project is scheduled to begin in 2017 and completion in 2019.