Putin approved the establishment of the United forces of Armenia

Vladimir Putin approved the government’s proposal on signing the agreement between Russia and Armenia on the joint group of troops of the two countries. The corresponding decree published on the official portal of legal information.

According to the document, the President instructed the defense Ministry of Russia jointly with the Russian foreign Ministry to hold talks with the Armenian side and to sign on behalf of the Russian Federation the agreement. The President also was allowed to make to the draft agreement, approved by the government, the changes are not of a fundamental character.

Armenia and Russia plan to create a United group of troops “in order to ensure the safety of the parties in the Caucasus region of collective security”. The draft agreement between the two countries the Russian defense Ministry, agreed with the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia and Federal Executive bodies.

Group must be able to provide “adequate response to an armed attack (aggression), as well as other challenges and threats to the security of the parties,” reported TASS with reference to the draft provisions for the group.

The provision specified that the main tasks of the group, in particular, is to cover the land part of the border between Russia and Armenia, including cooperation with the forces and means of system of collective security of the CSTO, said “RIA Novosti”. Recommendations for the use of the joint group will be to develop the Ministry of defence of the two countries, as they will determine the composition of the group.

Commander of the joint group will be appointed Supreme commander of Armenia in coordination with the Supreme commander of Russia. In peacetime, the commander of the joint group will report to the chief of the General staff of Armenia, “during the immediate threat of aggression” and war — depending on the situation or commander of the southern military district of the Russian army, or the chief of staff.

That Russia and Armenia are planning to create a group, it became known on 8 November. Then on the portal of legal information published a draft of the agreement, reports “Interfax”.