In Ryazan authorities have refused to rename a street in honor of trump

VORONEZH, November 14 – RIA Novosti. The authorities of Ryazan will not give the name of Donald trump 2nd Ungodly, just as they have abandoned the practice of registered streets, and because the assignment is only possible five years after the death of the person in whose honor you want to rename the street, said RIA Novosti Chairman of the toponymic Commission of Ryazan Nikolay Bulychev.

Earlier it was reported that residents of Ryazan proposed to rename the 2nd Godless the street in the street of Donald trump, unexpectedly for many has won elections of the President of the United States. A petition posted on the website The authors of the petition plan to send it to the city Council.

“It’s like some kind of joke, but the joke people have picked up, and now on this website is collecting signatures. Here I see that they are already moving to the 200 (the signatory), and they plan to the city Council to make a motion just about the renaming of this street… If the documents arrive, we have to consider. I know beforehand that there will be a refusal on the following grounds. First, we in the Commission took a decision in principle — we have abandoned the inscribed names of the streets of Ryazan,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the main reason for this approach is that during the years of Soviet power 90% of the streets was renamed in honor of the “comrades of Lenin, heroes of the civil war, ardent revolutionaries and so forth.”

“It never happened, and fail to open Pandora’s box, we decided – no personal names do not give. Second, we have regulatory documents that guide us. And in position about the name of streets of Ryazan stipulates that the assignment of the names of famous residents of Russia and foreign countries may be made after five years from the date of death of said persons. Donald trump, thank God, is alive and well,” said Bulychev.

He also added that appeared in 1935, street 1-I and 2-I’m a Godless streets, which are “one-storey old house” will soon disappear.

“On the 2nd Godless the street there were four houses, on the 1st Godless or three houses. And, literally in the course of a year or two, they all disappear. New homes that are built there they will be logged other roads,” — said the Agency interlocutor.