The media found out where the FSB detained the militants had planned terrorist attacks in St. Petersburg

MOSCOW, 13 Dec — RIA Novosti. Detained by security services on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts in St. Petersburg, planned explosions at two shopping centres — “the Gallery” on Ligovsky Avenue and the shopping center “Academpark” on the Avenue of Science, reports the Internet-the edition “Fontanka”.

All suspects were detained for two days in a criminal case on terrorism, most of them give grateful evidences, the report said. Get Adobe Flash player Footage of the detention, suspected of preparing terrorist attacks in Moscow and St. Petersburg

“Today to Petersburg it is not necessary to worry, all who need — isolated,” said the Central apparatus of the FSB.

On November 12 the staff of Service on fight against terrorism and the protection of the constitutional order of Central office of FSB and UFSB across St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region conducted a number of searches. As a result of investigative activities detained seven people. During the search one of the apartments seized Kalashnikov assault rifles and explosives. Get Adobe Flash player Footage of the interrogation of a suspect in preparation of acts of terrorism in Moscow