Sting played at the first 2015 concert in Paris the “Bataclan”

The performance of sting at the Paris concert hall “Bataclan” (Bataclan) began with a minute of silence, transmits Bi-bi-si. This is the first concert in the “Bataclan” after the terrorist attacks 13 November 2015.

Before the concert, sting addressed the audience, among whom were survivors of the attack. “We will not forget,” said sting in French to the audience. Also, the musician said that they have to honor the dead and celebrate life.

The concert hall was fully renovated, told the Reuters news Agency Jerome Langlais — head of Lagardere Unlimited Live Entertainment, which belongs to the “Bataclan”.

“We decided to change everything so that nothing reminded of a night of absolute terror, but not to change anything in the soul and history Bataclan,” said Langlais.

Late in the evening of Friday, 13 November 2015, in Paris, a series of bombings, which killed 130 people.

Suicide bombers made bombing near the Stade de France in the Northern suburb of Saint-Denis, where at that time there was a match between the teams of France and Germany, from machine guns were fired at a popular cafe in the Eastern part of Central Paris, there was captured a concert hall “Bataclan” in which terrorists killed 90 people. Just “Bataclan” at a concert by the rock group Eagles of Death Metal were 1.5 thousand people.