NATO Secretary General urged members of the Alliance for unity

BRUSSELS, 13 Dec — RIA Novosti, Alexander Shishlo. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has called for unity of the member countries of the Alliance.

“While we are uniform, we can transmit a very clear message that an attack on one (member of NATO – ed.) is an attack on all. This is the best possible deterrence, and this will prevent the conflict. In a more dangerous world where we need simultaneously to respond to a more assertive Russia to the East, and terrorism and instability in the South, NATO in order to deter and provide reliable protection”, — said Mr Stoltenberg in an interview with the Brussels information resource Bruxelles2, which on Sunday published excerpts from the statements of NATO Secretary General.

Stoltenberg expressed the view that “a stronger European defense would strengthen NATO, the transatlantic link and will enable, ultimately, a more balanced load distribution (of costs for financing NATO)”.

However, Stoltenberg welcomed the fact that, according to “the statements of many European politicians, the purpose is not the construction of a European army, maintenance (Union) collective defence or a demonstration of an alternative to NATO, but rather to do something in addition to NATO.”

“Now it is important to sit down and work together. It is especially important to process within the EU remained clear to the allies (the NATO countries) that are not members of the EU could be sure that Europe strengthens its defense, brings something in addition is complementing and not competing with NATO,” said Stoltenberg.