In Belgrade in the framework of the “Slavic brotherhood-2016” was made by the ensemble of the airborne forces

BELGRADE, 13 Dec — RIA Novosti. The song and dance ensemble of the airborne forces in the international exercise “Slavic brotherhood-2016” has acted with the concert program in the Russian house in Belgrade, singing the song in the Serbian language, told reporters on Sunday, the head of the group Vladimir Strelkov.

International tactical exercises “Slavic brotherhood-2016” held from 2 to November 15, near Belgrade, involving units of the armed forces of Russia, Belarus and Serbia. The exercise involved around 200 Russian troops.

“The decision of the commander of the airborne troops we were sent to the exercises in the part of the Russian group and spoke at a celebratory concert in the Russian house in Belgrade. Our band comes here not for the first time in 1997-1998, when the airborne troops performed the task in Yugoslavia, we had three tours, the artists are older participated in those concerts and sang the same Serbian songs, as today — “Vidovdan” and “Tamo daleko”, — said Strelkov.

He said that both songs were very warmly received by the Serbian audience, because they are truly national. “Vidovdan” tells of the tragic death of the Serbian Tsar Lazar at the battle with the Turks at Kosovo field, and the song “Tamo daleko” is dedicated to the plight of the Serbs who live in exile on the island of Corfu during the First world war.

“We always perform songs in the language of the country as a tribute of respect to the owners. Touring ensemble is quite wide, not so long ago we were in Delhi, where she sang an Indian song that was played in Stockholm with Swedish folk song. Sometimes cultural exchange helps to melt the solid political ice”, is canceled the Director of the ensemble.

According to him, within the teachings of the Russian artists also performed together with the ensemble in the Serbian city of Niš, where he performed songs in the Serbian language.

The first exercises “Slavic brotherhood” was held last year on the ground Rayevsky near Novorossiysk on the base of the mountain airborne compounds. This year management exercises fully vested in the Ministry of defence of Serbia.