In Montreal buried by Leonard Cohen

MOSCOW, 12 Nov — RIA Novosti. Canadian singer Leonard Cohen, about the death which became known yesterday, was buried Thursday at a Jewish cemetery in Montreal, Canada, according to the newspaper Presse, citing the statement of the local synagogue.

Representatives of the synagogue Shaar Hashomayim confirmed that Cohen was buried Thursday in the cemetery where are buried his parents, their fathers and mothers.

“Leonard himself wanted to be buried in a traditional Jewish ceremony with my parents”, — quotes the edition the statement of the Shaar Hashomayim. At the place of burial of the musician and the poet heard the words of Jewish prayers from the song You Want It Darker.

On Friday it became known that Cohen died on 83-m to year of life. According to the newspaper Presse, the musician passed away Monday at his home in Los Angeles. His funeral was attended by close friends and relatives of the musician.

Cohen was born in 1934 in Montreal, and in the mid-1960s, he moved to USA, where he began his career as a musician. He is the author of such famous songs as Hallelujah, Suzanne and So Long Marianne. In addition, Cohen has published several collections of poetry and prose, and has published two novels that have been translated including on Russian language.

Концерт Леонарда Коэна в Москве Canadian singer Leonard Cohen (Leonard Cohen) was born on 21 September 1934 in the city of Westmount, Quebec (Canada). As a teenager, Cohen learned to play guitar and formed a folk group called the Buckskin Boys. Канадский певец Леонард Коэн во время награждения Премией Принца Астурийского в 2011 году In 2011, Leonard Cohen was the winner of the príncipe de Asturias Prize in literature, the highest literary award in Spain. Канадский певец Леонард Коэн His musical career began in 1966, when he moved from Canada to the United States. One of the first and most famous songs Cohen, Suzanne (“Suzanne”), became a hit performed by Judy Collins. Канадский певец Леонард Коэн In 1967 Cohen released his first album Songs of Leonard Cohen, where, among other songs, included “Suzanne” has already been performed by the Cohen. The album was enthusiastically received by the folk community and has spent more than a year in the us charts. Канадский певец Леонард Коэн. 2011 год In 1988 he released the album I”m Your Man (“I’m your man”), three songs of which the title, First We Take Manhattan (“First we take Manhattan”) and Everybody Knows (“everybody knows it”) — was among his most popular compositions. Канадский певец Леонард Коэн во время концерта. 2013 год In 2008 Leonard Cohen embarked on a world tour, which continued until December 2013. During this period, the musician gave 387 show. In 2010, he visited Russia and gave a concert in the Kremlin. Канадский певец Леонард Коэн In 1995, Leonard Cohen left music and became a monk in a Buddhist monastery. There he took the name Jikhan, meaning “silence.” Канадский певец Леонард Коэн во время концерта Cohen returned to music in 2001 with the album Ten New Songs (“Ten new songs”), created in collaboration with Sharon Robinson. In 2004 he released the album Dear Heather (“Dear Heather”), in cooperation with the jazz singer and musician, Anjani Thomas. Канадский певец Леонард Коэн внесен в американский Зал славы рок-н-ролла In 2008, Cohen was included in the American Hall of fame rock-n-roll and received the award “Grammy” for best album of the year. Канадский певец Леонард Коэн In 2012 he released his album Old Ideas (“Old ideas”). In October 2016, he released the album You Want It Darker (“do You want darker”), which received rave reviews. /