TFR has proposed to the Ministry of health to report sexually active teenagers

Russia’s investigative Committee invited the Ministry to inform law enforcement authorities about under 16 years of age teenagers who, according to the doctors, are sexually active. This was the head of procedural control over investigation of certain types of crimes TFR Eugene Minaev has told “RIA Novosti”.

Minaeva reminded to criminalise sex with persons under 16 years of age, adding that such crimes typically are not detected due to the fact that not everyone knows about the existence of the criminal prohibition. According to her, girls tend to conceal these facts, for fear of publicity and negative consequences. She also noted that as a result of such crimes go unpunished, and juveniles may subsequently become victims of more serious crimes, or eventually themselves become to commit such crimes.

Minaev added that the Ministry of health sent the proposal aimed at “enhancing the effectiveness of work to identify these crimes.” According to her, representatives of both offices agreed to establish an interagency working group to develop amendments to existing legislation.

Employee TFR explained that the transfer of such information to law enforcement agencies to protect the rights of minors and does not disclose a medical secret, because the secret of preliminary investigation, also protected by law.