Saakashvili believes that Poroshenko missed chance for reform

KIEV, Nov 11 — RIA Novosti. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has lost the chance which he had for reform in the country, said the ex-Governor of Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili.

Saakashvili on Monday announced his intention to resign in connection with the unwillingness of the authorities to fight corruption. He also accused Poroshenko in the patronage of a criminal “clans” in the region. In the night of Thursday Poroshenko signed a decree about the dismissal of Saakashvili from the post of Governor of the Odessa region.

“President Petro Poroshenko had many opportunities to conduct reforms in the country… I, unfortunately, have to say that the chance he missed”, — Saakashvili said at a press conference on Friday.

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The ex-President of Georgia Saakashvili was appointed to the post of Governor of the Odessa region on 30 may 2015. The initiative of his appointment belonged to Poroshenko, who said that has high hopes for Saakashvili, including the fight against corruption in the region.

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