Russia and the United States have to go toward each other, said Kudrin

MOSCOW, 11 Dec – RIA Novosti. Russia and the United States to do mutual steps towards each other to improve relations, said Chairman of the Board of the Center for strategic research (CSR) Alexei Kudrin.

“Russia today, especially recently in connection with the election Donald trump said that we want to improve its relations with the United States. And this means that both sides must take steps towards Each need something to renounce in this sense, negotiations in terms of agreements”, — said Kudrin, speaking at the international conference “Eurasian economic integration”.

“If we say that we do these steps, then they certainly should be mutual,” he said. “The existing sanctions, of course, weaken (the relations of the two countries – ed.)”, — he stated.

Kudrin also noted that all Russian financial institutions are under international control for compliance with the requirements on combating illegal financial transactions (compliance-control), their operations, especially banks, placed under sanctions, will be subject to more scrutiny.

“And when we say, “Let’s move forward.” … We must understand that even in our domestic turnover we have to take this into account, because in our country our banks in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan are in international markets, they are conducting their operations and with other countries”, — said Kudrin.

“And check them, do they hold operations with our sanctions companies and limit these operations. And Chinese banks limit transactions with us,… and we understand that if it is, then, of course, of interest to our cooperation will not be the same as without it impeding circumstances (sanctions — ed.)”, — he said. “Of course, we would like to establish our relationship with the United States,” he said.