The media learned about the government’s consent to put “black boxes” in cars

The government has approved the idea to install black boxes in vehicles, write “news”. According to the publication, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich ordered to create an interdepartmental working group to prepare legislative base for their implementation.

To create the working group requested the ministries (Ministry of industry and trade, the Ministry of transport, Ministry of interior, the Ministry of communications, Ministry of Finance, MES), the Bank of Russia non-profit partnership GLONASS and the group of “Avtonet” National technology initiative, clarifies the issue.

It is noted that the budget of the project speech does not go — “only discussed the idea and worked out the procedure for its implementation”.

In early October, “Izvestiya” reported that the Deputy Minister of transport of Russia Alexey Tsydenov proposed in 2020 to be installed on all new cars kind of “black boxes” that will record, store and transmit information about traffic signals GLONASS.