Strzhalkovsky has designated the main problem of FC “Dynamo”

MOSCOW, 10 Nov — R-Sport, Artem Kalinin. The problem of the debt burden is not critical for the Moscow football club “Dinamo”, the main problem of the club are future sources of funding, said the Agency “R-Sport” Chairman of the society “Dynamo” Vladimir Strzhalkovsky.

Earlier it became known that “Dynamo” at the end of last season off from the Russian football Premier League (RFPL) in the national Football League (FNL), is experiencing financial problems. Wednesday was the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the all-Russian sports society “Dynamo”.

“Both the society and the club will undertake measures to diversify sources of income, cost optimization and overall effectiveness of activities of both institutions, said Strzhalkovsky. — The problem of the debt burden at the moment is not critical. The main problem that worries the club is the future financing of the club. To give an exact amount of debt to date I have refrained, as it is constantly changing, this is due to current expenditures, debt servicing, exchange rate differences and many other factors.”

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