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On the weekend our country again takes time. October 30 at 4 a.m. on the territory of Ukraine will go to the so-called winter time, clocks will be moved back one hour. The current time can be determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 13 may 1996, whereby the last Sunday of March clocks are moved forward an hour, and on the last Sunday of October – an hour back.

Experts note that the de facto term winter (they also say Kiev time) not exist in science. According to a senior researcher of the Institute of Geography of NAS of Ukraine Artem Brain, winter time – it’s only a household name as a second time zone.

Because almost the entire territory of Ukraine is located in the second time zone (only a small part in the first and third) are of the opinion that the winter for us the most successful. For example, in March of this year on the website of the President of Ukraine there was a petition with a proposal to abandon the clock “summer” time. Although this initiative only got 550 votes out of the required 25 thousand, we note that interest in the issue has been simmering for a long time. Only in the last five years there have been several attempts to abolish the transfer clock to the parliamentary and governmental level.

The Kremlin or Europe

Especially “noisy” on the subject of transferring the was 2011. In the spring of the people’s Deputy from “Party of regions” Oleg NADOs asked the Parliament to cancel the clock and set on the territory of Ukraine the second time zone by adding one hour, that is summer – forever. The bill Nadosha were registered almost immediately after cancellation of transition to winter and summer, Russia has announced. If it took effect, Kiev and Moscow would be in the same time zone.

At first, everything was bound to happen. The Verkhovna Rada supported the initiative, and on 20 September adopted a resolution “On changing the procedure for calculating time on the territory of Ukraine”, which cancelled the annual clock. The country remains forever in the summer time was full of numerous headlines in the media. However, parliamentary document did not last long. He spoke against the local authorities of Western regions of Ukraine, the state Commission of universal time and reference frequencies, and even the then Minister of emergencies Viktor Baloha asked Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr Lytvyn to initiate a review of the decision.

At the same time the people’s Deputy from “BYUT” Sergei Terekhin filed a bill on the application of time zones in the geographical territory of Ukraine. Now ex-MP and former economy Minister says that his bill was “a political response to the law Nadosha”. According to Terekhin, the transition to the time in which she lived Russia would lead to two hours of difference with Europe and a big problem for the Ukrainian-European business. In addition, he also added that in Europe, there is a single time. “When the poles Wake up, the Spaniards at this time go for a long time to work, but it’s still working,” – emphasizes Terekhin. The words of the former Minister confirms researcher, Institute of Geography Artem Brain. The expert said that almost all of Europe operates the European average.

After raised around parliamentary resolution hype, Lytvyn said that the decision to leave summer hasty, and 18 October 2011, the document was cancelled. However, attempts to change the approach to the time after that ended. In the winter of 2012 the Cabinet of Ministers Azarov proposed to consolidate in Ukraine one, now winter, but in the Parliament the initiative was not supported.

Spring for current, 2016, the year of the abolition of the transfer time once again talking. The relevant bill was registered by the MP from the faction “BPP” Yury Bublik. In the explanatory note the author of the document proposed to keep only winter time, referring to the numerous appeals of citizens of Ukraine. On the website of the Verkhovna Rada reported that the bill is in Committees.

Artem Brain, in turn, convinced of the rationality of the transfer time. According to the expert, the USA and European Union countries are moving to “summer time”. “Since we live in a country that has chosen the European path of integration, the discussions about how to translate time or not, can not be” – he concluded.

In addition, the Brain parts of the country, which does not affect the summer into two groups. The first is those countries which due to some reasons, the summer was cancelled. In particular, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Georgia. And the second group is the countries that the transfer time is not objectively necessary. “For example, Singapore does not switch to “summer time”, Indonesia, Thailand. These countries are close to the equator, so they have throughout the year the length of daylight is virtually unchanged”, – the expert explains.

East and West

It is considered that conventionally, Kyiv time suitable for the whole Ukraine. While, for example, in the Luhansk region the dawn comes in on average an hour earlier than in Transcarpathia. In view of this, attempts to change the usual temporary foundations always hurt especially representatives of the border regions of the country.

In the fall of 2011 Transcarpathia demanded from the Parliament to cancel adopted a resolution on the introduction of the country’s the summer time and winter time. It was reported that the established order, the daytime in the region will only start at 10am, and it will create many inconveniences for thousands of Transcarpathia, first of all, the students, which even before the buses have to travel in the dark.

In turn, in the Lviv region then, and even stated the intention to use “own time” if the Council fails to cancel the decree “About change of the order of time calculation at territory of Ukraine”. Note that after that talk about prospects of the introduction of regional time offset for a half hour of Donetsk, Luhansk and Transcarpathian regions has for some time conducted, however, remained just talk.

Artem Brain convinced that to introduce the regional time in Ukraine is impossible, and offers to solve the local problems more logically and on their own. “It would be better to resolve such issues at the level of any change in the work schedule of individual agencies, for example, those same schools. To bring the working day to light day, it would be wise to start it early in the East and in the West – later”, – he explained.

Specialist of the Institute of Geography, explained that the regional time is wisely used only in countries with vast territories, for example, in some US States, canadian provinces and Mexico. Moreover, in some places it really wouldn’t hurt – but it is not. For example, in the people’s Republic of China, the territory of which is located in four time zones, but live all over the country in one – by the decision of the government of China. “There is a place even more interesting, the so-called Wakhan corridor. It’s part of the territory of Afghanistan, adjacent to the land frontier of China. So there at the border crossing people translate watches just 3 and a half hours,” adds the scientist.

Medicine and Economics

Each of the supporters and opponents of the time shift sleeve has its arguments, which include several key. The proponents mainly put pressure on the economy, declaring that the time shift saves energy. But opponents – on medicine, arguing that manipulations with the hands cause stress, disturb sleep and metabolic processes in the human body.

In the explanatory note to his bill, which returned to the winter time, Sergey Terekhin has informed about the economic losses caused by the installation of a single summer time. The MP claimed the rise in the cost of flights to Europe and financial losses for shipping companies. “I then wrote this not just because I have agreed this with the carriers. Plus, it would require adaptation of our business, beginning of a banking day and the opening of exchanges in Europe would differ on time from our country”, – said Terekhin.

In turn, the President of the Ukrainian analytical center Oleksandr Okhrimenko believes that the economy transfer time does not bring any benefits. The analyst said, as the clock was due to economic factor in the Soviet Union, allegedly artificially extended day will allow the country to save a little electricity. However, according to him, even then could not calculate economic benefit. “From the point of view of economy, the most energy consuming industry. And even if we translate the clock on the hour, the process just starts working on an hour later, he still spends the same amount of electricity,” – emphasizes Okhrimenko.

Traditionally on the eve of the clock in the media there are always many information in which doctors are encouraged to avoid excessive physical exertion, go to bed early and drink vitamins. In turn, chronomatic with 30 years experience, Director of medical and scientific research center “Resonance” Mykola Polishchuk is convinced that no terrible consequences for the body clock assumes. “If not to focus attention on the fact that the clock will worsen his health, nothing bad will happen”.

Polishchuk is chronomedicine, using in their clinical practice the time factor. Secret treatment method is medication in a specially calculated time, exactly to the minute.First of all, the emphasis is on chronic diseases that occur in time: epilepsy, scleroderma, eczema, total forms oblyseniya other. According to the doctor, the translation of the time it does not exacerbate disease, including chronic. Moreover, Polishchuk believes the tradition of the clock is extremely favorable for human. “We prescribe medications with accuracy to the minute, and the society adapts to changes in the biophysical environment only twice a year, but this is good,” he said.

Thus, experts call the time can be a tradition in most developed countries, and the people’s deputies continue to file bills intended to abandon her. It is interesting that the text of these bills is always about the same: “according to numerous requests of citizens for their own good…” it is possible that at the next session on the agenda of such a bill will appear again. Because the discussion is still not delivered.

Irina Shevchenko