Obama looks forward to when he will be able to go on vacation

WASHINGTON, 10 Nov – RIA Novosti. Incumbent President Barack Obama is looking forward to the time when he can leave for a long vacation after his presidency, said at a briefing, White house spokesman Josh Ernest.

“The President plans to take a long vacation after he leaves his post. I’m sure he’s eagerly waiting for this,” said Ernest.

Trump has won the US presidential election November 8, typing, according to the latest CNN, 290 electoral votes with 270 needed. The President-elect will take office after the inauguration on January 20. Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton conceded defeat. In this case voted for it over 59.8 million voters, whereas in trump — more than $ 59.6 million. The margin of Clinton’s votes is 0.2% (47.7 per cent against 47.5 per cent).

The new US administration, headed by the elected President, Donald trump will come into office after his inauguration on January 20, 2017.