The victory of democracy over conservative ideas of liberal authoritarianism

Alexander Shchipkov, the first Deputy Chairman of the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate on relations of the Church with society and the media, a sociologist of religion, publicist — especially for the MIA “Russia today”

Personally, I estimated the probability of victory, trump’s 50%. Despite the fact that the whole administrative resource, most of the American media and sociological centers worked for Clinton, even for the sake of it closed the investigation of her case to the FBI. It was a blatant mockery of democratic principles, which, however, before the United States did not comply, but not ostentatiously. However trompowsky the electorate locally turned the tide. Therefore, the victory trump is at least moral satisfaction.

The second important point is ideology. There are two aspects — religious and secular.

Provincial American a majority of the electorate trump is Protestant and partly Catholic traditionalists. Is their mood has created a preponderance of votes that the democratic establishment at the finish was unable to compensate for any fraud and chose to surrender. This implies that traditional religiosity in the United States plays a major role, and this role is growing on the background of the crisis of neoliberalism. This is the “turn to tradition” is a world trend, which I have repeatedly said. For our Orthodox community is not bad. With all the doctrinal differences in the Protestant and Catholic traditionalists we still easier to negotiate than the supporters of transhumanism and postmodernism.

From a purely secular and political point of view, we see the victory of democracy over conservative ideas of liberal authoritarianism. That is, the concept of global power the financial elite. This, of course, not social conservatism, but a step in the right direction. However, I would at the same time highlighted the word “ideas”.

The fact that to evaluate the real consequences of the victory trump still difficult. Now the commentators are waiting for not only expressing likes or dislikes to the winner, how many predictions, how serious it is, will change the global political agenda and economic policy. We are pragmatists, and I would like to observe caution here.

Yes, it is believed that the victory trump — a link in the same chain of events that Brexit. What is the split of the Western elite financial (global) and the national-conservative. What is the winner of a pragmatic conservative line. In the choice between saving their own economy and saving the global financial system of the United States chose its national interests. So, they will ease the pressure on Ukraine, the middle East and so on, will decrease the role of the IMF in the economic policy of many countries, including Russia. In other words, “a trump can agree”.

This is a very optimistic scenario. How it is realistic? View.

If the crisis of capital efficiency leads to a revision of the economic model, liberal ideology and political agenda? Or is it just simulated the change of course? In fact, to change the General line of the “Washington regional Committee” should be for their own country. But if you realize that the ruling class? If he’s ready to change, to the beginning of the world “perestroika”, to the “new thinking” and “Belovezhskaya agreements” — to the reformatting of the global world in a world of regions, that is, in a multi-polar? Or is an external distraction? Maybe the globalists will strike back and attempt to seize the initiative. We don’t know. Hope for the best, but you have to be ready for anything. You should not relax.