Obama expressed the hope that the lack of trump’s plans to prosecute Clinton

Incumbent President Barack Obama hopes that Donald trump won the election, not to use the judicial system to take revenge on his rival in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton. This was during the briefing said the press-Secretary of the White house Josh Ernest, reports Reuters.

“In our country there is a long tradition, which is that people with power do not use the criminal justice system for political revenge. The President hopes that it will be so in the future,” said Ernest.

Earlier, Obama delivered a speech in which he congratulated trump on his election victory. He indicated that he and trump have a “significant discrepancies”, but stressed that eight years ago when he was first elected President, he also had disagreements with George Bush.

During the debate, which took place in early October, trump said that in case of victory will appoint a special Prosecutor to investigate against Clinton, she replied: “It’s just wonderful that people with such a temperament as Donald trump, is not the main laws in our country.” “Because you would be in jail!” — parried then trump.

After the billionaire won the elections, his campaign Manager, Kellian Conway said that in the last time I discussed with him the question of the appointment of a special Prosecutor, but stressed that it will happen “in due time”.