In ROCOR we hope that trump will put an end to the persecution of Christians in the world

MOSCOW, November 9 — RIA Novosti. In the Russian Orthodox Church associated with the election of the President of the United States Donald trump hope for ending the persecution of Christians in the middle East and around the world, said on Wednesday RIA Novosti news Agency managing the Affairs of the Synod of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad (ROCOR), rector of the Church of St. Seraphim of Sarov in sea cliff (NY), Archpriest Serafim Gan.

According to him, during the election campaign in the Russian Church abroad continued praying “for peace in Ukraine, about the persecuted and suffering for their faith in Christ in the Middle East.”

“Of course, I can’t speak for the whole Church, but I think that is our common hope that the Lord will help the newly elected President of the United States to promote peace and good relations between the United States and other countries, the establishment of peace in the hearts of men and end grave persecution of Christians,” said Secretary of the first Hierarch of ROCOR.

Judging from the election results, he added, “there is a separation that must be overcome by dialogue, understanding, active circulation in the nation safe and solving its problems and needs.” “If people try to embody in their lives the Evangelical precepts, if statesmen will try to selflessly serve his people, it will bring the country to unity and the solution of many problems,” said Gan.

“However, we, as Christians, always remember, what full and perfect peace and prosperity impossible to achieve on our fallen earth, we will find only in the next world, in the Kingdom of heaven,” added the priest.

The Russian Orthodox Church abroad (ROCOR) was formed after the revolution abroad, where he Ministers to the Russian emigration. Since 2007, returned to the Russian Orthodox Church, becoming one of its self-governing parts. Dioceses are the U.S., Western Europe, Canada, Australia and South America.