Hackers have carried out DDoS-attack on Sberbank and Alfa-Bank

About a series of hacker attacks on five major Russian banks announced on Wednesday evening, November 9, a source “RIA Novosti”, close to the Central Bank. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, five major banks are exposed to DDoS-attacks is not very high power since Tuesday. Information about the series of hacker attacks that began on November 8, and later confirmed in the anti-virus company “Kaspersky Lab”.

With reference to the antivirus company, the Agency reports that a series of hacker attacks began on 8 November and continued for the second day. According to “Kaspersky Lab”, the hackers attacked the websites of at least five Russian financial institutions in the top 10.

Sberbank confirmed the information about DDoS attacks. In a statement received by the RBC, said that on 8 November the online resources of the savings Bank has undergone powerful DDoS-attacks. “Attack organized botnets that include tens of thousands of machines, geographically distributed in several tens of countries”, — stated in the message. During the day, the attack power increased.

The first attack of the cyber defense branch of the Bank recorded in the morning following the evening. The last took place in several stages, each of which was two times stronger than the previous. “The system of protection of the Bank worked reliably, the attack was quickly detected and localized divisions of cyber security savings Bank”, — emphasized in the Bank. Representatives of financial institutions said that failures in working with clients was not.

Also the fact of a hacker attack, confirmed Alfa-Bank. In credit organizations “RIA Novosti” said that the DDoS attack was “quite short and weak” and did not affect the work of business systems at Alfa Bank.

From the message “Kaspersky Lab”, which results in “RIA Novosti”, it also follows that more than half of the members of the perpetrators of the botnet attacks within the United States, India, Taiwan and Israel. In total, the attacks involved machine from 30 countries. The average duration of each attack was about an hour, the longest lasted nearly 12 hours, with capacity reached 660 thousand requests per second. Some banks, according to antivirus company, has been attacked repeatedly — series from two to four attacks with a small interval.

“This is sophisticated attacks that are almost impossible to beat the standard remedies that use the operators”, — stated in the message “Kaspersky Lab”, which leads the Agency.

The last series of DDoS attacks occurred in October 2015, when it was attacked by eight large Russian banks. Total from October 2015 to March 2016, the Central Bank recorded 21 cyber attack on the payment system of the Russian financial organizations. Scammers trying to steal accounts with banks of 2.87 billion rubles, the Central Bank and banks to prevent theft for a total amount of 1.6 billion RUB.