The founder of the free operator “Atlas” announced the beginning of work

MOSCOW, Nov 8 — RIA Novosti/Prime. In Russia there was a free mobile operator “Atlas”, he began work in Moscow on Tuesday, wrote on his page in Facebook founder and managing partner of the Fund Russian Ventures Evgeny Gordeev.

“Today, the Atlas began to deliver a sim card in Moscow. The capital became the first city where we fulfill our promise to turn almost 120 thousand registered users. Next – St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg and so on,” he wrote.

“Atlas” is already roaming in Russia — “without co-payments, limitations and sprockets,” says Gordeev. International roaming yet, but it might be in six months. In addition, the first time the Atlas will only work in 3G.

Informed Gordeev told RIA Novosti that in order to become a subscriber of the operator, you need to download a special application, and the work will be based on a partnership scheme: the subscriber for the services provided by partners of the operator will be awarded “the Atlas” — units of virtual currency, which payment will be made for communication services.

Gordeyev said in Facebook that every month the subscriber will receive one pack of when free and the rest can be activated for atlases. “If Atlas is not enough, what we are going to try to avoid the packages you can activate for money,” he said.

Partners Of Atlas

Atlas — virtual operator (MVNO), it does not have its network. For the provision of communication services, Atlas entered into a partnership agreement with the company “SIM-Telecom” (brand Sim Sim) is a virtual operator on the networks of the parent company “VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”). The representative of “VimpelCom” Anna Aybasheva confirmed to RIA Novosti this information, declined to comment about the details.

In addition, according to Gordeyev, the operator of more than 600 business partners, including, in particular, AliExpress, Booking, Aviasales, MediaMarkt, “Yandex”,

“For example, this Friday we have with AliExpress is the biggest instant cashback, nearly 10% with any purchase. But many users don’t even know what companies are willing to pay them for various activities – from downloading apps to shopping – it is a worthy the money for the year can be tens of thousands of rubles,” — said the founder of the project.

According to him, envisaged in the “family” accounts – when saving atlases, one person, and use several. Also provided rates for children and pensioners. Gordeev also promises that the new operator will not only subscription fees, but also imposed subscriber services, “negative balances”, subscriptions, hooters, bonuses, spam in sms.

Internet restrictions

According to Gordeyev, “Atlas”, not likely to be unlimited Internet: “If you look at the truth, cost-effective it can work only with this all the “bells” of type “additional charge for each day beyond the home region, it is impossible to distribute to other devices, speed protocols is limited”.

“So we decided that we’d better increase the gigabytes in packages than “happy” people in new tricks pricing”, — said the founder of the project.

Thus, according to Gordeyev, the Atlas is not suitable for users that consume large volumes of traffic.

“There are only two categories: super-users, to whom the Atlas will not work at all – who says thousands of minutes of outgoing or dangle the Internet more than 20 gigabytes per month. And so, if you have 300 minutes of outgoing to Russia, swing for 6 gigabytes, then activate them in the “Atlas” is not difficult – do the usual things in the apps of our partners, they are happy to pay your bond,” concluded Gordeev.