The Prosecutor’s office refused to open a case about garbage collection in the Russian flag

In Volgograd the office of public Prosecutor refused to initiate criminal proceedings against the wipers at the request of the desecration of the Russian flag. About this “Interfax” reported the representative of the regional Central Directorate of interior Ministry Anton kornauhov.

In the inspection of law enforcement has not seen in actions of employees of the municipal enterprises of a crime, he said. According to Karnaukhova, involved in the incident were five people. All of them, including the Director of the institution, were reprimanded and deprived of premiums, he said. The boss of the plot, which was high above the wipers, was fired, said the representative of the regional cupola MIA.

According to Dvornikov, the Russian flag they found in the analysis of the debris at the site for storing waste, said Karnaukhov. Use it for cleaning foliage wipers decided due to lack of funding and lack of trash bags, he explained.

Messages about garbage collection in the flag of the Russian flag, the police began in late October after they were contacted by a resident of Volgograd. According to him, employees of the management company have shipped the leaves in a cloth with the tricolour.

The police then stated that staff could face criminal case under article 329 of the criminal code (desecration of the coat of arms or flag). The punishment under this article envisages imprisonment for the term up to one year.