The member race with the police on the Gelandewagen was arrested for ten days

A participant races on Gelandewagen Mara Baghdasaryan

The Savelovsky court has appointed the participant Gelandewagen racing Mare Baghdasaryan penalty ten days of administrative arrest for failure to pay one of the fines after traffic violations, reports “RIA Novosti”.

Only 51 Baghdasaryan administrative case for failure to pay traffic fines. Monday, November 7, the court examined four of them. In two cases Baghdasaryan was appointed in the amount of 75 hours of compulsory work. One of the penalties the court annulled, as it was issued in error. The girl argued in court that all fines paid.

Mara Baghdasaryan was detained the day before. The traffic police wrote out administrative fines, for incorrectly parked car on Leninsky Prospekt. During verification of documents, the staff found that the girl among the 16 unpaid fines. The collected materials were submitted to the court.

Mara Baghdasaryan was a witness in court in the case of races on a Gelandewagen. She was in the car in which the perpetrators tried to hide from the police after participating in a night race. For this the court appointed her a sentence of ten days of administrative arrest.

In October Gagarinsky court sentenced the son of the Vice-President of LUKOIL Shamsuarov Ruslan and his friend Victor Uskova to 300 hours of obligatory works in the case of races. Car Shamsuarov was withdrawn in favor of the state. The court found the son of the Vice-President of LUKOIL guilty of insulting a traffic policeman, who chased the car (article 319 of the criminal code). On charges that he endangered the life of police officers (article 318 of the criminal code), Shamsuarov was acquitted.

23 Oct Mara Baghdasaryan accused the law enforcement officers that they extorted from the defendants $500 thousand, promising in exchange “to hush up the case”, the appropriate records, she has published in social networks, but they were later removed. The interior Ministry said that checks this information.