The government lifted restrictions on the price of shares of “Rosneft”

MOSCOW, February 7 — RIA Novosti/Prime. The Russian government lifted earlier restrictions on the sale price of the shares of “Rosneft”, the order of the government.

“To recognize become invalid the decree of the RF government of 27 November 2014”, — the document says.

Order 2014, repealed, assumed the privatization of more than 2 billion stake in Rosneft (19.5% stake) at a price not below market, defined on the basis of the report of the independent appraiser, and not below the price of IPO of “Rosneft” held in 2006.

The state-owned Rosneft in size of 19.5% planned to sell before the end of the year. Considered and the option of Rosneft’s purchase of its own shares, however, said the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, is a measure only of the failure to receive funds from privatization to the budget before the end of 2016.