Start: the hockey team of the Russian Federation 5 years later won the Karjala Cup

HELSINKI, Nov 6 – f-Sport, Vadim Kuznetsov. Hockey team of Russia for the first time since 2011, won the Karjala Cup in Helsinki, which was the first stage of the Eurotour season 2016/17.

Team Russia has won all three matches of the tournament, which was held from 3 to 6 November, beating the Finns (5:1), Swedes (3:2) and Czechs (3:0). The second place team of the Czech Republic (6 points), third were Finns (3 points), and the last place in Sweden (0 points).

The defeat of the Finns at the start of the tournament

Team Finland gathered in Helsinki a sufficient number of experienced players to consider it a favourite with Russia, and the bookmakers practically do not doubt in the victory of the hosts. But from the first minute of the match the game was at the gate of Mikko Koskinen, and the account was opened by the Russians — Anatoly Golyshev scored with transfer Valery Nikolkina. And although the Finns scored the response goal and tried to turn the tide of the game, the final victory with the score 5:1 won the Russian hockey players. Andrei Svetlakov, Golyshev, Nikita Gusev and Vladimir Tkachev in the third period, scored a goal, securing his team a solid advantage.

“Great, well done guys! Played for the job, with enthusiasm, with pressure. Good game. In principle, the guys are not surprised, bill. A pleasure to work with the young, the energy you get. Are you pleased with the defensive performance? If you missed, then, satisfied,” — said after the game, head coach of Russia Oleg Znarok.

The mood he could spoil the message about the trauma of the goalkeeper of team Finland and SKA from St. Petersburg Mikko Koskinen. The Finnish goalkeeper was replaced in the second period and never played in the tournament. Presumably, the recovery he will need about three weeks.

Hockey. The Karjala Cup. Match Czech Republic – Russia

A team of young stars

But perhaps the game of the other SKA goalkeeper Igor Shesterkin in the match against the Swedes added tranquility snarky. Ilya Sorokin replaced the goalkeeper parried 25 throws and did not allow the opponents to score against him in equal structures. Their first goals scored by Rushan Rafikov and Alexander Barabanov, and the winning goal was scored by Valeri Nichushkin. The Russians won with the score 3:2.

“Igor Shesterkin I have enjoyed. I don’t even know what team he plays. He was very reliable, despite his youth,” — said the defender of Swedes Niklas Kronwall.

Nichushkin in a game against the Swedes scored the fourth point in Helsinki, it is no coincidence that after the match talked about more than most of the other players.

“The game Nikolkina I’m not surprised. He’s a great player. Maybe he needed to be at home, at home, to play in their League. Do not be surprised if Valery will try to return to the NHL. I expect that he will dominate the Karjala Cup. Can you compare it with Peter Forsberg? Why not. They are both powerful players can control the puck. Maybe in a few years they can be compared,” — said the head coach of the Swedes Rikard, Greenberg reporters.

According to Grinberga, team Russia style reminded him of a team of young stars in North America, which surprised many at the world Cup.

“In style this Russian team reminded me of a team of young stars at the world Cup. A very fast team. But we’ve been waiting for this game since I saw the youth team Russia at the world Championships,” said Greenberg.

The winning point

In the final match of the Cup Karjala Russian team was opposed by the Czechs, who also had two wins at the start of the tournament. Despite the difficult first period, the Russians managed to win with the score 3:0. Goals were scored by Vladimir Tkachev, Nikita Gusev and Alexey Beregazzo. Ilya Sorokin played by zero, reflecting the 32 shots. Team Russia for the sixth time in history and for the first time in five years has won the Karjala Cup.

“The Karjala Cup showed that we have young people that you can bring to the team, to consider for the world Cup. The owners of KHL clubs, the managers, the coaches can trust these players. The boys showed terrific hockey played in a pass, disciplined, selfless. We saw that our hockey has a future and it’s not so bad as some paint,” — said the Agency “R-Sport” President FHR Vladislav Tretiak on the phone.

The next tournament will be held in Moscow, and during the channel one Cup will also host the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Russian hockey. It was planned that the Russian team will consist of only a few players from the team that participated in the Karjala Cup, but after winning in Helsinki in front of Oleg Znarka will be a difficult choice.

“I think around eight to ten people we can see on the First channel Cup, said the Agency “R-Sport” well-known expert Sergey Gimaev. — We do not understand everything in the protection, so five people we can see in Moscow. Another four or five forwards, plus goalies. So almost half the team just come for the Cup of the First channel”.

The best players in the Karjala Cup was named the goalkeeper of the national team of Russia Ilya Sorokin, defender of the national team of Russia Andrei Mironov and the striker of the team of the Czech Republic Lukas Radios.

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Hockey. The Karjala Cup. Match Czech Republic – Russia