Musical theatre will present a modern version of the Opera “Queen of spades”

MOSCOW, November 6 — RIA Novosti, Natalia Kurova. Musical theatre of a name of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko in Moscow will present a modern version of the Opera by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky “Queen of spades”, the premiere will be held November 6, and November 2 and 3 were the first runs.

The play was created by a team of top-class masters — musical Director and conductor Alexander Lazarev, Director Alexander Titel, set designer Sergey Barkhin, the costume designer Maria Danilova.

Premiere of “Queen of spades” will be held November 6 — the day of the death of Tchaikovsky. “On this day we remember Pyotr Ilyich, and I hope that he will hear us,” — said on the eve of the dress rehearsal of the Titel.

For 100 years

The creators decided to move the story 100 years forward. Everything takes place in St. Petersburg on the eve of the First world war.

“We wanted to step a century ahead, because it seems to me that Tchaikovsky’s music is much closer to the Silver age than Golden, where it is usually addressed as Pushkin. But taking this story conflict, Pyotr Tchaikovsky wrote music of his time, which foresees, anticipates, and even begins the Silver age. In this music, a lot of anxiety, feeling tragic, of approaching disaster,” said Titel.

And Tchaikovsky’s music performed by the orchestra under the baton of the outstanding conductor Alexander Lazarev, becomes unconditional and the main character of the play. Lazarev will present to the public the music that was originally written by Tchaikovsky, removing all the clichés and trends that have occurred over 126 years of existence, the Opera “Queen of spades”. The music is the pace, which created an Opera composer.

World’s greatest creation

The current performance is the third in the history of theatre of a name of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko. The first was carried out by Stanislavsky in 1930 year, the second in 1976 — Lev Mikhailov, and here his disciple Alexander Titel creates its own third version. This is the 25th show producer at this stage.

Teitel said that long could not decide on the staging of the Queen of spades, were afraid, believed that not ready. “It is terrible, because it is one of the world’s greatest creations, just above is not the case. And this Opera is very difficult to implement. That combination of realism, mysticism, phantasmagoria, which it is, makes this composition not just feasible. But now, approaching the 100th anniversary of our theater, I thought it was important to create a new version of “Queen of spades” — he admitted.

A Petersburg story

According to the Director, “the Queen of spades” is typical of St. Petersburg history. “St Petersburg after the flood, which was in 1916. At a time when the water was receding, but still puddles everywhere. Wind and water — is part of the nature of this city, its beauty, its uniqueness, its myth, and it was important for us to make the visuals of the performance,” said Titel.

The Director asked the acceleration of the play, a scene change one after another really fast. And it’s accelerating, in his opinion, due to the nature of time itself. “Tchaikovsky is the dramaturgy of scenes, but in the theatre of his time it was not possible to implement it. We have set this as one of the tasks. Key change in every sense — not only the music but also atmospheric, human, situational. And this, I think, plays a role — forces a certain line of worry and anxiety, which is in the play,” he said.

Lisa and Herman

The implementing parties of Lisa and Herman believe this interpretation interesting, and they with great passion and enthusiasm, worked on the performance.

“I think it’s interesting the current modern interpretation, when the action moved 100 years forward, and everything happens in the pre-war Petersburg,” — said before a dress rehearsal, Nikolay Erokhin, by Herman.

According to the artist, his German — a man without skin, nervous, explosive, such, which today can often be found.

Ksenia Aslanova, who plays Lisa, was the first to take the stage of theatre of a name of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko. “For me — a debut on the stage of Musical theater and perform for the first time — and immediately in the lead role is a huge responsibility. But the rehearsal process is so captured me that I just forgot about it. The whole team was so unified and imbued with Tchaikovsky and Pushkin that the work went smoothly and gave great pleasure,” admitted Aslanova.

According to the artist, her Lisa is very feminine, selfless, loving, gentle, inspiring. “Pushkin and Tchaikovsky diverge in interpretation in relation to my character. But I prefer Tchaikovsky, he is the line of love, and love, I’m sure, the most important thing in life, it is love that leads us,” she said.

In the play Lisa performed by two Actresses — Elena Guseva Ksenia Aslanova. Also two Herman — Nikolay Erokhin and Najmiddin Mavlyanov. The role of the Countess — Elena Zaremba, Natalia and Vladimir.