The season failed Russian “tourists” have not won a single trophy

MOSCOW, 5 November R-Sport, Vasily Konov Jr. national Team of Russia on football, teaching all regular wins in 2016 was unsuccessful for the first time since 2008, the Russian “tourists” have not won a single tournament for the season.

Unable to overcome a generational change

The Russian national team in 2016, won the bronze medal in the Euroleague and the Eurocup, which in principle seems a good result, but one mistake in one match, unfortunately, destroyed the impression of the season. Two-time world Champions at September’s qualifying tournament, lost to the poles (3:5) and failed to qualify for the world Cup, which in 2017 will be held in the Bahamas. Last time the Russians did not play at the world championship in 2006.

The final tournament this year was the Intercontinental Cup, which was held in Dubai from 1 to 5 November. The team of Mikhail Likhachev, the third time in the season, settled for third place. Thus, the Russians never rose to the highest step of a podium of a major tournament in 2016. This “red car” is not happening for eight years.

“The season failed — succinctly summed up the Chairman of the Committee of beach soccer the Russian football Union (RFU) Sergei Anokhin. — Unfortunately, couldn’t overcome a generational change. At the same time, I want to note that remain in the elite world of beach soccer, are among the top three. Need development of beach soccer in the country, the construction of indoor stadiums. The country we have winter, so no such complexes will not be able to move forward. Make proposals to the President of the RFU development programme”.

“I would not dramatize the situation. There is a reformatting of a play of the team, generational change in the team. It can not be painless. With the leaders of the RFU communicate, all very saddened by the result,” — said Likhachev, who, according to Anokhin, will continue to work in the team.

In Dubai made satisfactorily

As for the Intercontinental Cup, during the tournament, which was organized in 2011, the Russian team has regularly reached the final and three times became the winner. In the group of Russian players easily defeated by the Egyptians (10:6) and Americans (9:3) in advance and guaranteed a place in the semifinals.

“I guess that we will provide out of the group by the third day, it was predictable”, — said the captain of the Russian team Ilya Leonov.

In the last match in the group stage with the Iranian team decided the fate of the first place in the Quartet. The Iranians prevailed in the penalty shootout (3:1) – in the semifinals, the Russian team had to meet with the team of Brazil. Matches Russians with Brazilians all look forward to, calling it a confrontation between a classic beach soccer. Moreover, the team Likhachev recently regularly wins in such important games.

However, the semifinal game with the Brazilians over Russians crash – 0:7. “The red machine” for the first time in history lost by such a large margin and the second time failed to score a goal in the opponent. “Figures, of course, unpleasant, but the first two periods were no signs of this. The third was very difficult. It is understood that stupid at 0:7 excuses, but again, only the third period was disappointing. Before him, the players performed the installation, played well, were about equally”, — summed up the semi-final Likhachev.

In the consolation final, the Russian team prevailed over finalists of the world Cup 2015 team of Tahiti with 4:3 and finished the season. “We have a first place. At this stage, we finish the season with a win even in the match for third place. Somehow this will smooth the impression of the season. At least, beach soccer in Russia is alive — said Anokhin. — In General on the Intercontinental Cup, the Russian team made it satisfactory, not good, not great, not bad, but it is satisfactory.”

In 2015 the Russian team, despite winning the bronze at the world Championships, by a wide margin led the ranking of the national teams in beach soccer, and her leadership was undisputed. Now the Russians, unfortunately, are at “some of the best”.

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