Medvedev said that Russia needs a “technological revolution” in the economy

MOSCOW, 5 Dec – RIA Novosti. Russia must solve the problem of changes in the structure of the economy, to reduce dependence on oil and gas sector to achieve growth in the segment of new technologies, a “technological revolution”, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The Prime Minister stressed that “in General, the macroeconomic indicators are normal but need to change the structure of the economy.”

“And here is really very great dependence from gas and oil supplies abroad. This task is very important. In this sense, cooperation with the Israeli business is able to give momentum to this important area of cooperation as high technologies. This is the future, and in this sense, our task is to make our economy growing segment of new technologies, IT business in software product and so on. Such technological revolution is urgently needed”, — said Medvedev in interview to the Second channel of Israel.

Speaking about the situation in the Russian economy, Medvedev said that it was “in fairly good and stable”. He recalled that in the last two years for different reasons were not recorded economic growth.

“First of all, of course, it had to do with the price of gas and oil. But at the moment the economy begins to quietly enter the path of growth. We have maintained a very good level of reserves, foreign exchange reserves. We’re projected to have low inflation, our economy is very important. We have the lowest inflation for the entire period of the modern Russian state. Next year we orientirueshsya somewhere in the 4% inflation is in General comparable to world standards”, — added the Prime Minister.