Japan, Europe and the United States will develop rules of operation of unmanned vehicles

Japan and Britain with Germany and the United States will develop common rules for the operation of unmanned vehicles, including measures that will prevent possible cyber attacks, writes the Nikkei.

As expected, the developed by these countries, the document will be adopted in mid-November at the meeting of the Subcommittee of the UN forum on harmonization of transport legislation. In the future, the proposal by Japan, USA and Europe can be used as a model for the elaboration of legislation in various countries, the newspaper notes.

According to the newspaper, the document will be spelled out the basic principles of encryption data and signals to unmanned vehicles. In addition, it may contain a demand for the separation of communication from the main control mechanisms of the vehicle. The document also can be set the rule that self-driving cars should notify the owner if there are signs of a cyber attack and urgently to switch to manual control mode.

As the newspaper notes, the United States decided to join the initiative after an accident with an unmanned Tesla, which killed the man who was behind the wheel. The accident occurred on may 7, 2016: Tesla moving in autopilot mode and collided with a truck. According to the investigation of the National Council for transport safety of the USA (NTSB), Tesla was driving with exceeding the speed limit.