In Canada found the supposed lost in the 1950’s “atomic bomb”

Ship of the Navy of Canada will travel to the coast of British Columbia to check reports of a diver found in the Pacific ocean “nuclear bomb” that went missing after the crash of US bomber B-36 in 1950. Reported by the CBC.

About the discovery of a “bomb” near the archipelago of Haida Gwaii, said the diver Sean Smirichinski. According to Smirichinski, he planned to conduct exploration dives scheduled for the next day, however, sailed away from the boat when and made a discovery. Initially, the diver suggested that found a UFO, but then, telling the story of local people, Smirichinski learned about the incident in this region, the crash of a B-36.

The Guardian cites the Royal aviation Museum of Western Canada, according to which on 13 February 1950 in the area during a training flight went missing bomber B-36 which carried the atomic bomb Mark IV.

According to Smirichinski, he acknowledged the similarity between the photos of the bomb and they discovered the object.

Major canadian Forces Steve Neta said that the location of the finds Smirichinski coincides with the location of the accident 1950. The Net said that it can be not a real bomb but a dummy. “However, we want to be sure and we want to complete the investigation,” he said.