Venezuelan opposition called on Maduro to hold early elections

The opposition of Venezuela urged President Nicolas Maduro to hold early elections and release of anti-government activists from prison until November 11, reports Reuters.

The next presidential elections are scheduled for 2018.

“Our goal is to release all political prisoners in Venezuela”, — said the representative of the opposition. According to him, at the moment, “about 100 people unjustly serving time in jail through the fault of Maduro”.

The coalition also demanded the Supreme court to appoint a new Board of the National electoral Council, which, according to the opposition, works in favor of the President of Venezuela.

Earlier, on 25 October, the Venezuelan Parliament began impeachment proceedings against Nicolas Maduro. But later, on 2 November, the state Assembly had suspended proceedings against the head of the country. It was reported that the decision to suspend the proceedings it was aimed at weakening the political crisis in Venezuela. In addition, the suspension process was facilitated bilateral talks between the President and the opposition sponsored by the Vatican, and the release from prison of three anti-government activists.

National Assembly on 27 October adopted a statement in which he accused Maduro of usurping power and called on the army not to obey him. Earlier, on 26 October, the President announced the convening of a national defence Council to discuss the “parliamentary coup” in Venezuela. The next day this was followed by an opposition March in which the riots took place with the shooting. Local human rights organizations reported that the total affected more than 20 people and 39 were arrested.