Russia not threatened by NATO, Stoltenberg declared

MOSCOW, Nov 4 — RIA Novosti. Russia is not a threat to NATO allies, and the Alliance is committed to greater partnership with Russia, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in interview of broadcasting company Deutsche Welle.

“We see no essential threats from Russia against any NATO ally,” — said Stoltenberg. He noted that to talk about a new “cold war” is not necessary – partly because now there is two military blocs that oppose each other, as it did with the Warsaw Pact countries and NATO.

“We strive for a more constructive partnership with Russia, because Russia is our neighbor”, — said the NATO Secretary General.

While Stoltenberg noted that the Alliance has strengthened collective defence since the cold war, has tripled the number of forces of fast reaction to 40 thousand people and formed a combined force that can be deployed in a short time, and recalled the location of the battalions in the Baltic region and Poland.

At the July summit in Warsaw, the member countries of the Alliance agreed to increase the military contingent in Eastern Europe in 2017 in the Baltics and Poland will host four of the multinational battalion. Furthermore, NATO is always talking about strengthening the presence in the black sea region. These actions in the Alliance to explain the alleged threat from Russia. While Moscow has repeatedly said that Russia would never be at war with any NATO country, but will not leave unanswered the increased military presence on its borders.