Putin will give a report on the results of the meeting of members of the HRC with Davnym in the colony

The President Of Russia Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin received a report on the results of the meeting of the staff Council for human rights (HRC) with Ildar Davnym, which had previously said about the beatings in IK-7 in the Karelia Republic. This was stated by the head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov, in an interview with “RIA Novosti”.

According to Fedotov, in a meeting with the President he discussed the issue of expanding social control, including penal institutions. With Davnym will meet the members of the HRC Pavel Chikov and Igor Kalyapin on 7 November.

“Specifically focus on the issue of Ildar Dadina no sense: the President reported the incident to aware, while HRC while there is no clear understanding of what happened. Following the visit, members of the HRC in the colony we will prepare a report and deliver it to the head of state”, said Fedotov.

Tuesday, November 1, it published a letter Ildar Dading, in which he said about the beatings and threats from employees of the colony. This drew the attention of the Federal penitentiary service, as well as human rights defenders and the Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Putin will report on the letter written Dading.

Later in FSIN declared that Dading under the video recanted their statements. His wife didn’t believe the video, assuming that her husband might be intimidated. Later the representative of UFSIN of Karelia has declared, that independent doctors found no bruises on the body of the Dading. The source of “RIA Novosti” also promised that the convict will be examined by an “independent medical expert recommended by the human rights community”.

Thursday, 3 November, the Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova met Davnym in the colony IK-7. According to her, the convict in a conversation with her confirmed that it had used the handcuffs and violence. However, she said that the actions of prison officials “were under the law” because Dading refused to leave the chamber when it asked about the staff of IK.

Moskalkova also said that she has insufficient evidence to confirm or refute the words of the convicted person to torture and off the camera. The Ombudsman said that the Dading explain the lack of traces of the use of violent measures that he was wearing clothes during the beating. At the same time, it is proposed to transfer the convict to another colony. The Dading agreed to undergo a polygraph test.

Ildar Dading was convicted in December of 2015 and received three years of imprisonment on charges of violations at rallies. He became the first Russian received the sentence on this article. In March the court reduced the sentence to two and a half years.